COGIC Urban Initiatives


Urban Initiatives

Dr. Andrew Clark, Sr. Jurisdictional Coordinator

Contact Us

216-791-3337 or 216-417-4571

Dr. Andrew Clark, Sr. Executive advisor to COGIC Urban Initiatives

Elder Robert Mitchell, Jr. First Executive Assistant
Dr. Deborah Watson: Educational Liaison

Missionary Janaire L. Croom: Financial Literacy liaison
Dr. Vivian Jacobs: Health and Wellness liaison

Dr. Ernest fields: Family liaison
Dr. Brian Alexander Moore: Crime Prevention liaison

Elder Robert Mitchell: Economic Development Liaison
Sister Barbara Anderson: Public Policy Liaison

Sister Joetta Polk: Communications liaison
Sister Pamela Grahm: Youth Coordinator

Evangelist Sylvia Reeves: Evangelism
Sister Juliet Bonner: Executive Secretary

Missionary Beverly Bowlings: Executive Recorder

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Contact information: 216-791-3337 or 216-417-4571




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